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A full service fuel company for all your heating and transportation needs.





  1. Fuel Oil - #2

  2. Kerosene - Dyed

  3. Mix - Our mix is a 50/50 blend of fuel oil and kerosene. Recommended for outside tanks to prevent fuel from gelling in cold weather.

  4. ULSD - On-road diesel

  5. Off road dyed diesel - Farm usage

  6. 87 gasoline

  7. Tanks, pumps and accessories 

  8. Brad Penn Oil - For all your high performance engine needs.

  9. Propane - From our full service propane company H&K Propane

  1. Automatic - Scheduled through computer technology, based on your historical patterns and weather conditions.

  2. Will Call Delivery - Choose your own delivery times and amounts.




  1. Charge on Delivery - New accounts are COD for the first year if not approved for a credit or budget account.

  2. Budget - We offer a Budget Payment Plan whereby the customer’s estimated annual fuel purchases are paid for in a series of estimated equal monthly payments over a twelve-month period.

  3. Credit - You have the flexibility of paying with checks, cash or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). Online bill pay can be set up through your bank.

  4. We also participate in the financial assistant programs LIHEAP, Crisis and Citizens Energy.



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